Joshua…Yeshua…Jesus. YHWH’s deliverer. YHWH delivers. Did you know Joshua and Jesus are pronounced the same in Hebrew? Get to know him. #Joshua
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#Shalom #Yeshuaiscoming #andifyoudontknownowyouknow


Just LIKE Jesus

I wanna be LIKE Jesus. Do you? It’s what this metamorphosis is all about baby! 2 Corinthians 3:18. #likeChrist

#Shalom #Jesusiscoming #andifyoudontknownowyouknow

Jesus First

ย In Jeremiah 1:5 YHWH says “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you…” He knew us first. He was our very first love but then life happens and we forget about Him. He who formed us, made us, sent us here, our very reason for even existing… Yet how easily we forget. Or, in our bid to remember and include Him we gradually become religious..smh. To be metamorphosed into the glorious image of Christ Jesus, we have to train ourselves to make HIM first in every area of our lives. Not in some thunder rolling, 44 prayer points every 4am, kind of way but just first…#JESUS first. In all things. At all times.ย 

The first coherent thought when you first wake up – hey Daddy, thanks for waking me again, have your way in me today. The first thought you have when your friend invites you for lunch at that hot new restaurant that just opened- Holy Spirit what do you think? Sound good? The first thought you have when you hear there’s a major job opening at that blue chip company you have been dreaming of working at, perfect for you – YHWH is this your will for me? The first thought you have when you find out you got the lead role in the latest big budget movie of your dreams – Jesus, my dude, are you in the center of this?

Most people hesitate to look toย Jesus first because religious thinking makes you believe that you have to be a certain kind of person before you can come to Him. Knowing how imperfect we ALL are, most of us either ignore Him totally or include Him only after we have already decided on what we want, because we don’t want to deal with a long list of rules or the heavy weight of guilt. Funny enough He is way less judgmental than one would think. He just wants us to come to Him, accept Him as our Lord. He says “seek first the Kingdom of God and HIS righteousness (not yours) and ALL things will be added unto you” Matt 6:33. Don’t think of who you are, what kind of job you do, what you did last night, etc, before you seek him. He is well aware we are #human, infact that is the very reason why He asks us to seek HIM first. Because that is the ONLY way we can ever get anything else right. When we seek Him second or third, yes, it can LOOK like we have loads of things anyway. But if we are very honest with ourselves, it’s never ALL things. It’s never ALL good. You might have an awesome marriage, loads of money, but… A great career, beautiful child but… A great spouse, amazing children but… I know the world will try to tell us that we can’t have it ALL. But that’s exactly OPPOSITE to what Jesus says. Whose report will you believe? This is why those of us who choose to live our utmost for His highest are so different. Undefinable. We just will not conform to what the world says. What is “normal”, accepted, status quo – like “you can’t have it all”. Not to us! Not according to Jesus!!
He is our first love, He knew us first, we knew Him before He sent us here, we loved Him best. So when we begin to seek Him first, we begin to remember that love. Then we begin to fully remember why He sent us here in the first place. So then we start the process of fulfilling HIS #DivinePurpose for us, because it is ALL about Him. Pleasing Him becomes our priority and the “all other things” which are added is just that, an addition-to the real the prize, Jesus. We focus on Him only and take no thought for wherever He may lead us. We choose true love for Him over man’s wisdom. Like in Psalm 119:36, we turn our hearts toward His statutes and not toward SELFish gain.

As always, I remind you that doing all the above does not mean that we all have to become nuns and move to a convent. God bless all nuns, they have chosen that way to live their utmost for His highest and that is GREAT- for them. For the rest of us that are left; microbiologists, carpenters, rappers, janitors, chefs, carpenters, movie stars,everyday house wives, rock stars, models, painters, agents, astronauts, drivers, bankers,fashion designers, teachers, dentists, pop stars, pediatricians, farmers, house-helps, professors, entrepreneurs, bartenders, shoe-makers, loan officers, hairdressers, law enforcers, photographers, celebrities, sports agents, TV stars, sketch artists, wedding planners, skate boarders, formula one drivers, sound technicians, receptionists, body guards, students, waitresses, kenkey sellers, delivery boys, personal trainers, lawyers, comedians, navy seals, accountants, backup dancers, ballet dancers, footballers, dietitians, basket “ballers”,tennis players, snow boarders, all manner of athletes, the real housewives of (insert city here;)…etc, we start from wherever we’re at.

ImageWith ALL that we are – whoever approves or doesn’t- we live it for HIS glory alone. Not about us but about HIM. Him alone. That is the only difference in anything we ever do. That it is Jesus centered. Only for His purposes to be made manifest. Whatever it takes. No matter how right or wrong it looks in the eyes of the religious.

So with all that we are, we seek to be metamorphosed into HIS image, to do HIS will… We seek Him first. Love Him best. Love Him most. YHWH, Jesus, Holy Ghost ; Elohim. It is all about HIM. At least to us.

Shalom #Jesusiscoming #andifyoudontknownowyouknow

#Metamorphosis day54

Do you know Esther? The daring queen of Persia? One time Saviour of the Jews? A person of #DivinePurpose. Metamophosed from orphan girl to mighty queen! Check her out. #usedbyYHWH #beautyforapurpose #JesuscanuseYOUtoo

Shalom#Jesusiscoming #andifyoudontknownowyouknow


The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a Metamorphosis as “1 a : change of physical form, structure, or substance especially by supernatural means b : a striking alteration in appearance, character, or circumstances 2 : a typically marked and more or less abrupt developmental change in the form or structure of an animal (as a butterfly or a frog) occurring subsequent to birth or hatching… I agree, and especially love the first definition however I have my own modified “Afriyie definition” that I’ll add. “The profound and striking change of mind, character, structure,substance, physical form and circumstance of a human, from that of the fallen Adam to that of Jesus Christ, the last Adam, through the Holy Spirit of YHWH (God)
At the beginning of this year I read the page 1 of “My utmost for His Highest”, a most amazing devotional book. I absolutely adore the message it carries. The words in it were spoken by a Scottish (I LOVE #SCOTLAND!!:) minister born in the 1800s called Oswald Chambers during his lifetime. His loving wife Biddy put it together after his death. It is notย for the faint of heart, it is for those I now know are referred to as the “sons of God” Romans 8:14-19 (sons includes females also) Those ones you can’t place in a box, you can’t understand, who refuse to conform to this world, humble vessels, the world changers, history makers, the new wine skins, the “Metamorpohosed”. Those who want to live their entire life’s, all they are, their utmost- for Gods glory to be revealed; for HIS will to be done here on earth as it is in heaven.The first time I read page 1 or January 1, I was like yaaaass!! Why? Because I Kayda Nana AFRIYIE Frimpong aka #KNAF aka #Kayda aka #Afriyie:) – Afriyie preferably, am such a one who just wants be and do whatever #Jesus wants. It is my main aim in life to live my highest for His highest. To be “metamorphosed from a measly “caterpillar” into a “gorgeous butterfly” – the glorious image of Christ Jesus.
From childhood I always wanted to be a major designer, I love my African inspired designs, passionate about my fashion business, excited about styling #AmberRose or my 3 year old cousin/future K’NAF model:)…yet so deeply sold out for Christ. You find me singing ” Your grace and mercy brought me through… so passionately, truthfully and unashamedly in church but then also find me enthusiastically and vigorously singing and dancing along to Hey Ya by OutKast. Infact don’t mess around and play anything by Andre Benjamin aka Icecold3000 aka 3000 aka 3Stacks…that’s my guy! or EvE:) let’s be CLEAR, I prefer Christian Rap and Rock and music that advances my FATHER’s kingdom but you get my drift. As a fashion stylist and a woman of virtue, I’m not a fan of supermini, super tight, super revealing, all my breast hanging on display kind of clothing (#Nojudgement- do you, it’s just not for me.) However you will not see me in a shapeless sack and ugly flats either. Hiiigh heels? If I feel like! Lashes? If I feel like! Weave? If I feel like! Hot pink long nails? Check! Multiple ear piercings? Check! Well fitted pencil dress? Check! Bright red lipstick?… You get the picture. The good Lord, my creator Elohim, the deepest love of my very life, YHWH, put my spirit in this fabulously proportioned daaark skinned;) body for a specific purpose and I’m not about to put a tent on it. But it has to be for HIS utmost, not for me or my ego – not
about ME (or YOU) at all, it is all about Jesus. Always.
Living our utmost for HIS highest means, we might not necessarily look right, act right, speak right, have the politically correct career or life but we have truly and genuinely accepted Jesus Christ and now totally unconditionally surrender all to HIM. Meaning we only look to Him, trust Him and lean not on our own totally flawed and limited understanding. (Prov 3:5) We might look crazy to others, they will surely not understand us for we ourselves don’t understand – we. just. trust. HIM. #JESUS.
Like what manner of Sunday school teacher appears in a hiplife rapper’s music video? And sits front row at the Video Music Awards? Or what Intercessor’s goes to pray at the alter dressed like she’s going to the 2014 Grammys? lol. Me, that’s who. Why? Because it is MY utmost for H-I-S highest, not mine…or yours. It might look silly to you or me, but it is for HIS highest. His purposes to be made manifest – Whatever it takes.
Because of the fall of man, we have all been “caterpillars” but Jesus came to show us that we were always meant to be like Him, “gorgeous butterflies”. But it doesn’t mean that we will all look like the same kind of butterfly. We won’t look the same physically, on the outside but in our spirits, where it truly matters, we’ll be just like our big brother and master Jesus. So seek Jesus (Matthew 6:33), genuinely accept him into your heart, desire to know HIM (Phil 3:10) look to HIM alone and stick to him (Job 13:15) like white on rice baby!;) It might take some months, a year, three years or maybe a decade who knows, but next thing you know, you’ll no longer be an ugly, filthy caterpillar crawling on the ground but a gorgeous butterfly, flying around displaying the glorious splendour of our Lord and Saviour, our everything, the King of Kings, HE who died and arose again, the son of the living God – #JESUS, my boo.

Shalom #Jesusiscoming #andifyoudontknownowyouknow


Our (you and I) #METAMORPHOSIS on our journey of #DivinePurpose